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Russian developer defends controversial ‘Active Shooter’ video game

The developer for a video game that stimulates a school shooting has found new ways to sell his game after an online gaming platform removed it, following huge backlash from the parents of children killed in school shootings. .“Active Shooter” was removed from the platform Steam after anti-gun activists and the parents of students killed during school shootings criticized the …

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Eurosatory 2018: Pocket-sized spy drone is a powerful eye in the sky for US troops

This personal pocket-sized, stealthy nano-drone equips soldiers with instant access to a powerful eye in the sky. Black Hornet flies over enemy forces and transmits live video and HD images back to the soldiers. So quiet and tiny, the nano-drone would be extremely difficult for an enemy force to spot. Adversaries would have no idea U.S. soldiers were watching them. …

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New Army artillery doubles attack range and outguns Russian equivalent

The Army is fast-tracking an emerging program to engineer a longer-range artillery cannon able to out range enemy ground forces by hitting targets at more than twice the distance of existing artillery. The service is now prototyping an Extended Range Cannon Artillery weapons with a larger caliber tube and new grooves to hang weights for gravity adjustments to the weapon …

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VPNFilter malware sinks its teeth into more routers

The Wi-Fi router-killing malware known as VPNFilter is more dangerous than previously thought. The malicious code can actually infect over 70 different device models, up from a mere dozen. Last month, Cisco warned the public about the malware, which contains a self-destruct function that can brick a device. The company estimates that at least 500,000 wireless and broadband routers across the globe …

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Terrifying 150 million-year-old ‘mystery’ dinosaur sells for $2.4M

A nearly complete fossil of a mystery dinosaur thought to be 150 million years old was sold for nearly $2.4 million at an auction in Paris on Monday. The dinosaur skeleton, which is largely intact, belongs to a yet-unknown species of dinosaur and has paleontologists and scientists buzzing about what it could be. “The skeleton is 70 percent complete,” paleontologist Eric Mickeler …

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A major physics experiment just detected a particle that shouldn’t exist

Scientists have produced the firmest evidence yet of so-called sterile neutrinos, mysterious particles that pass through matter without interacting with it at all. The first hints these elusive particles turned up decades ago. But after years of dedicated searches, scientists have been unable to find any other evidence for them, with many experiments contradicting those old results. These new results …

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Jellyfish numbers on the rise along US beaches

BILOXI, Miss. –  If you’re heading to the beach this summer like millions of other Americans, scientists are recommending to be on the lookout for jellyfish. More than 1,000 people were stung on a Florida beach just this week, and it is possible incidents may increase. Allen Collins, a research zoologist with the National Marine Fisheries Service, says there have been more …

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There’s a historic dust storm on Mars — and it’s nothing like ‘The Martian’

This artist’s concept illustrates a Martian dust storm, which might also crackle with electricity.  (NASA) As an intense dust storm rages on Mars, many are wondering — how bad can a Martian storm really be? Tuesday (June 12), NASA’s Opportunity rover stopped communications amid a severe dust storm on the Red Planet. But while the storm hasn’t killed the rover yet — Opportunity …

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Elvis Presley’s lion head gold ring up for auction

The lion head gold ring worn by Elvis Presley (Henry Aldridge & Son)   A lion head gold ring worn by Elvis Presley at Graceland in 1972 is up for auction in the U.K. this weekend. The 14K gold ring featuring a diamond in each of the lion’s eyes, was worn by Elvis in 1972, according to auction house Henry …

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Justin Trudeau Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Personal: Birth date: December 25, 1971 Birth place: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Birth name: Justin Pierre James Trudeau Father: Pierre Elliot Trudeau, former prime minister of Canada (1968-1979 and 1980-1984) Mother: Margaret (Sinclair) Trudeau Marriage: Sophie Grégoire (May 28, 2005-present) Children: Hadrien, 2014; Ella-Grace Margaret, 2009; Xavier James, 2007 Education: McGill University, B.A., 1994; University of British Columbia, …

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World Cup 2018: Robert Lewandowski says Poland under pressure ‘forever’

Striker Robert Lewandowski says Poland can live with expectations in Russia despite “forever” being under pressure. The 29-year-old’s goals helped his side top their qualifying group and they face Senegal in their opening Group H match on Tuesday at 16:00 BST. Lewandowski says he is “less tired” for the World Cup than he was before the 2016 European Championships, when …

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World Cup 2018: Egypt forward Mohamed Salah fit to face Russia

Mohamed Salah is fit for Egypt’s World Cup group match with Russia on Tuesday, says the Egyptian Football Association. Salah, 25, was an unused substitute in his country’s 1–0defeat by Uruguay in their opening group game on Thursday when he was also declared fit. He injured his shoulder playing for Liverpool in the Champions League final on 26 May. “He was fit to play …

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