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Thibaut Courtois

You are wasting our chances with your backheels; Courtoise blames Hazard

Thibaut Courtois

Hazard is wasting our chances with his backheels.

The former chelsea attacker came on to make his debut for the Real Madrid on Saturday, but his former chelsea team mate was not happy with him.

The Madrid number one goalkeeper says he was annoyed with Hazard for his wasteful backheels in their 3-2 win on Saturday against Levante.

Hazard came on in the second half to make his long-awaited Madrid debut when his side was leading 3-1.

The addition of Eden Hazard gave live to the game but he could not help his side to add more goals but Levante rather pulled one back again.

Real Madrid had to rely on the expertise of their goalkeeper, Courtois in a match that nearly ended in a draw if not for a save from the goalkeeper.

And while the goalkeeper was happy seing Hazard comes into the came he was not happy of the too frequent backheels by the attacker.

He said, “Eden showed what he can do in the move where we nearly scored: relaxed on the ball, able to set people up”.

“I got a bit angry at him a couple of times, because he tried to back heel it and gave it away. But in those moments that he has, he can create a lot of danger.” Courtois added.

About Vinicius, he said, “Vinicius had a good game today, too, let’s see if he can get a goal.”

Though Courtois was happy seeing his side win after drawing their previous two matches he said they made the win very difficult for themselves.

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“At the break we were expecting to finish the game with a clean sheet,” he said.

“Sometimes when the first half goes so well you need to maintain the same dynamic, but we got worse as it went it on. In the last 15 minutes we had to hold on for the win, we couldn’t drop any more points here”.

“If we had followed on that trajectory it was a match we should win 5-0 or 6-0, with all due respect”.

He added, “Levante then played very well, they have changed the dynamics and we may have gone down a bit in intensity.”


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